Sexy High Heel Shoes can Cause Foot Problem

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Sexy high heel shoes are the perfect couple with beautiful dresses. Especially, if the dress is formal short dress. It will make your leg look more sexy and ladder. I also always love leg with high heel shoes and beautiful dress. Most of women’s leg usually will look slim when they worn high heel shoes. I do not know what exactly the explaining. It just naturally slim and great if they worn high heel shoes. There are also many kinds of high heels shoes models like: high heel sexy platform shoes, high heel stiletto high heels, etc. The height of the heels also varies; 3,5 inch, 5 inch, 5,75 inc, 6 inch, 7 inch, etc.

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But you have to careful, because between the beauty and the sexy high heel shoes, they evidently can cause foot problems. There are the foot problems that often attacked your beautiful foot with high heel; Osteoarhriti, varicose leg, pelvic disorders, benign tumor, thumb joint distention, crooked finger, and metatarsalgia. That is why we should not to wear high heel too often. Moreover, if the backrest footing diameter is too tiny or too sharp, especially if you have fat body.

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So, if you are sexy high heel shoes lovers, you have to careful with the risk of this kind of shoes. Because high heel sometimes can become a nightmare if caused you have a disease. Maybe for the alternative to substitutes high heel shoe that cannot too dangerous for your healthy foot is wedges. Wedges is kind of shoes that have thick sole and high. The model of wedges also catchy. Wedges  is more comfortable and safe to be worn on women’s foot. The possibility to dislocate or fall is really tiny. You still can look sexy and feel free and safe to move whatever you want. You also should not mind the dangerous thing that would be come to you.