Sexy Look with Low Rise Jeans

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Jeans are kinds of outfits that so familiar and popular at this time since about year 60s. These days, we have known many kinds of models of jeans such as: skinny jeans, leather jeans, custom jeans, stretch jeans, low rise jeans, etc. Low rise jeans are one kind of jeans which worn by both women and men. Low rise jeans also called hipster, hip-huggers, lowriders, and lowcut jeans. These kinds of jeans are intended to below or sit low on the hips. Low rise jeans have existed in 1960s, but in 2000s become popular again.

Gap Low Rise Jeans

The “rise” on low rise jeans and any kinds of jeans are determines the distance between the waist and the crotch. Generally the low rise jeans have the distance between the waist and the crotch about 3-12 inches. But, there is a more extreme type of jeans than low rise jeans. The name is ultra low-rise jeans.  Ultra low-rise jeans are having the distance between waist and the crotch until 1 inch zipper. For women, they need to wear a g-string to covering the butt cleavage and in order to more polite. Because sometimes, people, especially women are look to overt when wear an outfits. Some kind looks inappropriate.

Wrangler Low Rise Jeans

Low Rise Jeans Men

Some women commonly wear low-rise jeans to show their beautiful skin at the waist, torso, or hips. That is why the distance between waist and crotch made so short, because they want to display their skin and even, their belly button. With wearing low-rise jeans, women are also having a change to show their cute underwear. Because underwear, nowadays no longer become always hidden. Moreover, both of men and women choose the underwear to function with their low rise jeans in order to lo look sexy. This kind of jeans is usually worn by western people in summer.