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Shopping for jeans used to be quite simple – most models were black or blue, with four or five pockets and they fit the way jeans are supposed to fit. Now, there are so many choices of colors, cuts, finishes and so on, that you can get confused. In this post we have prepared a few tips on how to choose the right pair of jeans and some pictures of sexy men in jeans to give you an idea what to look for.

If you look at some picture of sexy men in jeans, it is only natural that you’d want to look this good, as well. Fashion is not that complicated. It’s more about considering the proportions of your body, than knowing everything about the hottest new trends. So how do other guys do it and how come you see so many sexy men in jeans? How your jeans fit determines how you will feel. And how you feel, in turn, determines how you look.

Slim-fitting jeans should slightly hug the thighs, knees and calves, and loosen up around your ankles. Wearing slim-fit jeans might take some getting used to but the way they look is totally worth it. Be careful with your choice of slim-fitting jeans – slim-fitting jeans is not the same as skinny jeans. We’re sure that when you hear ‘sexy men in jeans’ you don’t imagine leggings.

slim-fitting jeans

Straight-leg jeans are cut pretty much the same way all the way down. This means that the jeans will fit tighter around the thighs, but looser on the knees and the calves. If you don’t want the fabric of the jeans to be so close to your thighs, look for a pair with a touch of stretch.

straight leg jeans

The classic-fit jeans are cut loose throughout. They are perfect for you, if you want your thighs to ‘breathe’. Keep in mind that a loose fit below the knee may result in some flare. To minimize the bunching of extra cloth, look for a length with about an inch-and-a-half break. If this doesn’t do the trick, you can always roll up the cuffs a little.

classic-fit jeans

Relaxed-fitting jeans feel really comfortable and loose. However, this doesn’t mean that they should be hanging off your hips. To make sure you’re about to buy the right pair of relaxed-fitting jeans, make sure they sit snugly at or just below your natural waist, just above your hips.

relaxed fit

If you want to be just like the sexy men in jeans you see around town, you should also consider the details. All the small details can make a good pair of jeans great. A button fly may look good to you, but it’s not convenient. Stick with the brute efficiency and clean lay of a good zipper. It may not last as long as a button fly, but it’s definitely easier to handle.

Look at the back pockets of the jeans you’re considering buying. A back pocket adorned with just a hint of branding looks cleaner and less fussy. The same goes for the leather label along the belt tab – it should be as simple as possible.


Also, look at the stitching of the jeans. There are basically two options – blue threads, which are practically invisible, or classic golden yellow threads, which create a contrast with the fabric of the jeans. Your choice is a matter of personal preference.

The cuff of the jeans is another element to consider. Roll up the bottom of the jeans and take a look inside. Sometimes, the piping or stitching can add a visual point of interest to the jeans. Look at the stitching and decide how you’re going to wear your jeans.


The wash of the jeans is another thing to consider, when buying a new pair of jeans. You can see sexy men in jeans with any type of wash. Jeans with a classic wash are medium blue. This type of wash is suitable for more casual outfits, in combinations with casual sportswear.

The vintage wash entails some minimal rinsing, so that the cloth fades a little, but not too much, and some light sanding at the seams, knees and thighs. The vintage wash is a great choice, because it can take years of wearing to truly break in a new pair of jeans.


The dark rinse looks like untreated cloth, but feels much softer and has some variegated shading in the thighs and the knees. This type of wash looks great with a blazer, as well as with a windbreaker.

Raw or dry jeans are unwashed, untreated and feel rough and rigid to the touch. It can take really long to break in a pair of raw jeans, but once it’s done, your jeans will be unique.

men's jeans

There’s just something about sexy men in jeans that women absolutely love. It doesn’t matter if the jeans are loose or tight, old or new, a lot of women get excited at the sight of a hot guy, wearing jeans. Once designed just as work wear, jeans are probably the only clothing piece, which can be worn by men or women so interchangeably today.



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