Short Dress Design Sketches for the Beginner

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I love sketches. I love make some sketches or looking at someone draw some sketches. And I love fashion. If you have the same favorite things like me. Maybe you could try this activity that related with sketches and fashion. Maybe we could try to have some short dress design sketches by our self to spend leisure time. Actually, make design sketches is not too difficult if compare with make a mankind face’s sketches. So here we are. Ready to make some beautiful and wonderful short design sketches, maybe for the first time. I would show you some measures for the beginner.

Short Dress Design Sketches picts

First of all, you must to prepare the sketches stuffs, like pencils, color pencil or water color, eraser, and paper. If the stuff is ready, we could start to make it. We could begin with imagine what kind of short dress design sketches that we want to make. Whether we want the strapless dress, the one shoulder dress, or what kind of dress. After decided what kind of dress that would be draw, start to move our idea to the paper with pencil. Draw your short dress design that you want to the paper. You could use your eraser to remove the failed scratch. Though actually, remove the scratch is the end step. But is okay if the failure is much.

Short Dress Design Sketches Photos

How To Sketch Dresses Fashion Design

After that, you could color the short dress design sketches with pencil color or water color. Maybe you could also use both of them. Or use the pencil color and paint them with wet brush. It just up to you. And finally! The short dress design sketches are finish. You could show your sketches to your friends or family. May some of them interesting and want make a real dress from your design sketches. How exciting are they!