Skinny Jeans, the Way of Guys to Look Sexy

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Times have changed. Gender differences for some even have started to disappear. What a man can do, a woman can also be done. What women could to wear also can be wore by men. Examples are many professions that are often owned by men only, now also owned by women. Then, lots of accessories, clothing, or jewelry that is usually worn woman, even now men can also be used. The other example is skinny jeans. Men almost never wear any attire that fit to their skin. Unimpeded and comfortable are the most reasons, besides the outlook reason of course. How come the men could wear a fit body or skin clothing? It sounds weird, isn’t it? But now, everything are become possible and excused, included skinny jeans for guys.

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Skinny jeans are one of jeans model whose shape is tight and tapered toward the heel. It also knows as ‘pencil’ jeans. This kind of 8Oth year jeans model continues to be a trend in recent years and likely will continue to be the hot items for a long time. Skinny jeans guys also become a hot trend among men. Super model Kate Moss and so many other celebrities are really idolized model of skinny jeans. Of course this also applies to men and women who aspire to look like a super model with slender legs and slim, skinny jeans became a fashion must-have collection!

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But men should beware that wearing skinny jeans have some risk. Skinny jeans guys potential make men have some risk like. Researchers found that men who wear skinny jeans too often can have bladder problems, even worse can lead to torsion of the testicle or twisted testicles. Meanwhile, the direct relation between tight clothing and low sperm counts have not been studied yet. But experts noted that men who wear baggy pants tend to have more sperm count.