Small tips for long eyelashes

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If you want to enjoy naturally long and thick eyelashes there are a couple of small tricks that you can use at night, right before going to bed. The key word here is castor oil. Not only it strengthens the already existing hairs but also stimulates the growth of new ones.


The tender treatment of the eyelashes with a small brush that was put in 3 tea spoons castor oil, has a very beneficial effect on their growth. It is even better if you add 3 tea spoons of rum. You only have to be careful not to put some of the mixture in your eyes.

Another way of stimulating the growth of your eyelashes is a well-mixed mixture of 10 grams Vaseline, 10 grams castor oil and half a gram tannin. It also has to be applied every night.


A thick rosemary infusion can be put on cotton and then on your eyelids. After 20 minutes the compresses can be removed and the eyelashes are treated with a mixture of 3 tea spoons castor oil + 1 drop of vitamin A.