Some Tips about Christmas Stocking Patterns

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Christmas is always a special day for some people, especially for Christian people. Winter maybe exactly the special season because there are some special events occurred when winter. And Christmas is one of them. For some people who have a Christian religion, Christmas have means the birthday of the Savior Jesus Christ. Christmas such a important commemoration day. But for other people, Christmas is a heritage tradition that should be celebrated every year. There are some special programs when Christmas came like decorating the house, create the handmade card ideas, dinner, etc.  And one of the most popular decorations when Christmas is Christmas stocking. This time, I would love to show you about the Christmas stocking patterns.

Crochet Christmas Stocking Patterns

If we want to make or create something, especially with fabric, we need to make the pattern. It is the same if we want to make Christmas stocking, we need know and make the Christmas stocking patterns first. Actually the basic pattern is usually the same there is a foot shape pattern. But if you have your own creation or improvisation, you could make it up to your own design. For now time, maybe I could not to teach you how to make the Christmas stocking pattern. But, I could give you some tips when you want to make Christmas stocking pattern.

Knitted Christmas Stocking Patterns

Bernat Christmas Stocking Patterns

The first one is prepare all of stuff like pencils, ruler, and the fabric. For the pattern, actually you could download and print the pattern from the internet. It is really easy to do. Then you can adjust it with your size that you want. You want a big one or the little one. After the Christmas stocking pattern is ready, you could continued to paste the choose fabric. Make sure that you have two or three contrast fabric to make the Christmas stocking is good looking.