The 4 must-haves

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It is common knowledge that fashion and women clothing walk hand in hand and no surprise – women are definitely bigger spenders than men when it comes to fashion accessories and clothing. This time however, I would like to write about men’s fashion. So let us peek into a man’s wardrobe – the perfect example would possess the 4 male clothing must-haves – the classic suit, the polo shirt, the V-neck sweater and the high-quality coat.
The classic suit is one of those evergreens that never seem to astonish us. Just when you think that it will come to its demise, someone like George Clooney turns up, dressed in a simple black suit that conveys that killing look of his. There is simply no other piece of clothing that can express so much style, elegance and a bit of drama too!
Enough of George Clooney and his thrilling black suit! Let us move on to the next multi-purpose piece of clothing – the V-neck sweater. Choose between cashmere and wool, you simply cannot get it wrong. It goes equally well with a shirt and a tie or with casual jeans. In the first case you will look as a stylish businessman, while the second combination will give you a fresh, trendy look!



Here comes number three in our top 4 must-have collection – the polo shirt. What was originally used in sports has become so universally accepted and cherished that you will find at least one polo shirt in every modern wardrobe. The current trend supports the bright colors in the polo shirts, such as purple, mint or orange. And the reason why the polo shirt is so widely used is simple – no matter whether you use trousers or jeans, the polo shirt is just as a good a match!



Last, but not least, let us see which piece of clothing occupies spot number 4 – again no surprise here, that would be the coat. A survey recently stated that 7 out of 10 women imagine the perfect gentleman as someone who is wearing a high-quality coat. The expensive material undoubtedly contributes to the man’s figure and dignity! However, a good few of modern men are just not too keen on that old-fashioned straight, black, double-buttoned coat. If you seem to share the same taste, why not experiment a bit by going for a green military greatcoat? You will be thrilled by the number of women that will turn their heads when you pass them in the streets!