The bob haircut is back on trend

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The bob haircut is one of the evergreens when it comes to beauty, trends and hairstyles. However, it is causing a real stir in the world of fashion in 2013. Being for many years the favorite choice of Anna Wintour – the most famous editor of Vogue – the bob is usually associated with the idea of traditional elegance. But there is more to it this spring as it is the style choice of a big name model. It comes to Karlie Kloss who made a dramatic hair change just a few weeks ago – debuting a fresh chin-length bob.newbobhairstylesbecomegorgeous

The red-hot hairstyle comes with a wispy fringe – that is the case not only with Karli Kloss but also with the English model Edie Campbell who also cut her waist-length hair short this year. The bob hairstyle is also present on the spring-summer 2013 catwalk as seen at the show of fashion houses such as Paco Rabanne. What is so attractive in the bob is that it is always fresh and girly. It brings style and attitude acting as a beautiful frame for the face. The bob is a safe choice for those who prefer tradition and femininity over modernism.



The good thing about the bob hairstyle is that it comes in a variety of lengths. It can be ultra short, up to the chin – in the case of Karlie Kloss – or up to the shoulders. The shorter versions of the haircut bring a sense of girlish tenderness and simplicity, while the longer variations bring femininity and elegance. Moreover, the bob proves to be multifunctional and practical as its suitable for the every-day life as well as for the most formal event.