The clothes closet – does it exist just in movies?

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We have all watched movies, in which we see the perfect closet for clothes arranged in almost impeccable order which appears to be the ultimate functional piece of furniture. But can this special room be introduced into contemporary homes or was the idea specially introduced for movies, so that we could keep on watching with ill-concealed envy?



It is true that contemporary homes all seem to be lacking enough space, so speaking of a separate room, designed purely for clothes might be a bit too much. Or at least that is the first thing that comes to mind. However, if we were to give it some more thought, we would be surprised to discover that the idea might just be doable.



Now, if you are lucky enough to have a huge, spacious apartment, placing the old wardrobe in a small closet would do the job for you. A few extra shelves and cupboards would make the perfect room for clothes. However, for the majority of people out there this is not the case. So what is the solution? Have you ever thought how you could utilize the peculiar spaces and niches on the inside which came as a result of the undoubtedly spectacular looking façade? They are extremely typical of modern interior designs, so it is worth contemplating on how they can be put into use, so that your little, extraordinary closet for clothes can come into life!