The matching wedding dress – how to make the right choice

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The biggest day of a lifetime for most women is the wedding day. So much time spent in hectic preparations, so much thought put in the smallest detail! There is no doubt, however, that the biggest accent and by far the most important decoration piece is the wedding dress. Today’s post will explain in short the best practices, which will help you choose the perfect matching dress in accordance with your body structure.


Basically, we distinguish between four types of bodies, depending on the height and the weight – tall rounded women, tall slim women, short slim women and short rounded women. So, let us start with the tall rounded women that have a few extra pounds around the thighs. The best matching dress would be composed of three pieces – a straight skirt, a tight corset and a long, transparent tunic. The main idea would be to place more decoration bits around the deep neck and the shoulders, so that all eyes should be drawn to the upper part of the body.
For the tall slim ladies, the perfect wedding dress would lack the abundant decoration bits, simply because the dress should underline the beauty of the body figure. Fussy, bulky dresses are out of the question. Silk taffeta with French lace is definitely worth considering! In case your legs are too thin, you can always opt for the slit skirt. A few decoration bits around the waist area will just add the final touch to your stunning look.






For the ones that are just short of a few inches, the simple wedding dress with a high waist would be the right choice. The skirt should unwind freely along your body, as this will create a visual illusion of you being taller. In case you have well-shaped legs, go for a short wedding dress! Now, for those who just could not fight off the few extra kilos gained in the pre-wedding stress, it is a good choice to pick a dress with a high waist. A good trick, which will definitely create the illusion of you being taller, would be to pick vertically placed decoration bits. Another twist which will help you visually narrow the waist will be to put the accent on your neckline, while at the same time your hands should be covered in sleeves. If you just want to keep it simple, go for a straight wedding dress with a chiffon or silk tunic!