The summer of the gold necklace

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According to the most famous fashion designers white is the color of the upcoming spring-summer season. It may seem too simple and classic but there is more to it – the monochrome white outfits are best combined with massive gold necklaces that bring a sense of opulence and luxury. The most sumptuous gold necklaces can weigh up to 20 grams which can easily cost a fortune. Fortunately, the most popular high-street brands offer cheaper versions of the trendy gold necklace designs.


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The cheaper versions of the trendy gold necklaces are only covered with a thin layer of gold or even are entirely made of metals that only resemble the shine and the color of gold. Unfortunately, the fake gold jewelry pieces usually are unable to reach the qualities of real gold and very soon they lose their shine or change their beautiful color. However, they are the perfect addition to the simplest summer outfits as they easily bring elegance and style to any look. Moreover, they are affordable and can easily be replaces with brand new trendy designs.

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The gold necklaces of the season come in a variety of styles. They are long and retro or short and girly. Last year, the very elegant choker necklace was introduced on the catwalk of the most famous fashion houses. It is very short and gently hugs the neck. For the spring-summer 2013 fashion season the choker necklace comes in a variety of gold versions that are feminine and luxurious. As a conclusion, it’s great that the gold necklaces of every design combine well not only with white – the trendiest color this season – but also with black, and with pastels.