The Traditional Irish Wedding Rings

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Irish ring is a traditional ring from Irish that could be used for friendship ring, love ring, engagement, and wedding ring. The customs and design is special and originated from the Irish fishing Village, Claddagh. That is why, Irish rings also called as Claddagh ring.   As we know, Irish is a country that is still very thick with their culture. I ever seen Irish in some movies, and there is really beautiful country. I want to go there one day. And if you curious about their Irish wedding rings, I would tell you some information about that. So, check this article carefully. Maybe there are some inspiration appeared for your wedding ring.

Engagement Rings Ireland

Irish wedding rings nowadays not just an Irish people wedding rings, but also could be used for other people who love design and getting married. Maybe someday, if you are getting married, you could use this kind of ring. Actually, the design of this ring is seems like celtic wedding ring. Because, if we know some things about the history or celtic, there are any relation with Irish. Celtic is identical with wester Europe countries, and one of them is Ireland. Despite similar with celtic ring, Irish ring has the more complex and luxurious design. It is such an unique and antique wedding ring that I ever known.

Irish Wedding Rings Meaning

Irish Wedding Rings Claddagh

Some people who love vintage, ancient things, old fashioned, antique, and unique things would love this Irish wedding rings. I really recommend it, because the design is really original and thick with western European culture. And if you want to know some designs of this kind of ring, I will show you some, such as: Men’s Warrior Shield Celtic Wedding Rings, 14k White Gold Ladies Heavy Pierced Celtic Knots Wedding, Sterling Silver Unisex Heavy Claddagh Ring 12mm, Men’s Ardagh Celtic Wedding Rings, etc.