The trousers keep on marching on

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I am sure that most of you have experienced issues when they went trousers shopping. The key to the successful purchase lies in the following secret: you need to figure out what is the best leg width below the leg knee for your height and body. The best possible approach would be to simply try on a good number of pairs and see what looks best on you. Then match the trousers type with the current fashion trends and you are good to go.

What should you take into consideration when shopping for trousers?



The most important criteria when it comes to trousers are: textile material, comfort and accessories. Now, the perfect trousers should litterally follow your waist and speaking of waists many people tend to underestimate the pockets. Should you be one of those hands-in-pockets easy going people, then you should consider buying trousers with horizontal pockets that look like they have been literally cut into the trousers. What you should definitely not forget is that if your waist is not as slim as you want it to be, you should avoid trousers with vertical pockets (the ones that look as if they are part of the trousers side edge). This type expands a lot and will only make your waist look bigger.



Slim trousers should definitely be made of stretchable threads – otherwise you risk ending up with baggy looking trousers in the knee area right after the first few times that you have worn them. Broad-legged trousers do not have this disadvantage, so synthetic or even woven textiles will do the job for you. Now, narrow trousers made of linen for example are suitable only if you are really, really slim. If you need a pair of broad summer trousers, the transparent, summer textiles are the best choice.