Thermal underwear for the winter

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Thermal underwear is two-piece underwear with long legs and long sleeves, worn by people in cold areas. It is usually made from cotton or cotton-polyester blend, but some manufacturers use high-quality wool, as well. Thermal underwear is worn to trap body heat and insulate against cold air.

Cotton thermal underwear is soft and comfortable. However, it tends to absorb moisture and moisture may counteract with the warmth factor you’re looking for. But if you want something cost-effective, cotton thermal underwear is a good choice for you, since it is affordable. If you choose cotton thermal underwear, wear it only indoors or at the office, where no perspiration is involved. It will keep you warm without over-heating you. For outdoor activities, like hiking or skiing, cotton thermal underwear is not a good choice.

cotton thermal underwear

Polyester thermal underwear can keep you warm without holding perspiration in. In addition, polyester thermal underwear is lightweight, easy to wash and dry. It moves the moisture away from the body to the outer layer, reducing the cooling effect from evaporation. Polyester thermal underwear is also affordable and performs well in all kinds of weather conditions. However, it may smell, due to interaction between sweat and bacteria. Cotton-polyester blends reduce the smell and provide more warmth.

polyester thermal underwear

Merino wool thermal underwear is great for extreme cold conditions. It doesn’t hold moisture and, unlike standard wool, it doesn’t itch, because merino wool is very fine and soft. Merino wool thermal underwear is resistant to bacteria and will not smell. It is also fire-retardant. However, since it’s expensive, it may not be a good choice for children, because they will outgrow it fast.

merino wool thermal underwear

To choose the right thermal underwear, consider your personal needs and the weather conditions in your area. Comfort, type of activities, function and price are what you need to consider, when choosing thermal underwear.Ho