Token bracelets – the evergreen accessory

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The peak in the token bracelet fashion started at the beginning of the XXI century; however certain social strata have been developing a taste for those for quite some time.
It is really hard to imagine that there is any girl in the world that never thought of making a bracelet using beads and pendants herself. I mean this comes as natural as putting on some make-up for example. The “add some beads and pendants” jewelry craze can be quite expensive though – just think of the gold or silver pendants, not to mention the murano glass ones! Luckily enough, a budget-minded solution is available – glass, plastic or wooden beads can look as impressive as the ones made of precious metals.



A well-known history example of the beads-and-pendants fashion was Queen Victoria – the whole European novelty used to follow her example.
Yet, the real peak in this accessory movement was set by American teenagers. The youngsters used to collect different pendants, accessories and beads that they would add to their bracelets or necklaces should an important event in their lives occur. Slowly, but surely the so-called token bracelets became an indispensable part of women and girls’ everyday life. Important turning-point events such as 16th birthday, graduation o even marriage or the birth of a child would lead to a new fashion accessory being added to the token bracelet. Nowadays, such examples of vintage bracelets can be worth a good few thousand dollars at different auctions





And now that we have covered the Queen Victoria period and the American teenage peak in token bracelets, we should point out that in modern times fashion giants like Louis Vuitton have turned the jewelry into a compulsory fashion accessory that can be worn anywhere, anytime for any reason!