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Reading glasses can make any outfit look more stylish, especially if you choose a pair of high-end fashion reading glasses. If you must wear reading glasses all the time, they become an integral part of your style. You need to choose reading glasses that flatter the shape of your face and match your personal style.

When you go out shopping for a new pair of reading glasses, try on frames that are likely to flatter the shape of your face. If your face is more angular, look for oval reading glasses, and if you have a small, round face, choose rectangular or square frames that are not excessively large. For narrow faces, try on tall frames or broad reading glasses with accented top rims and decorative details at the temple. If your face is shaped like a diamond, choose oval reading glasses that maintain the balance of your face.


Since reading glasses can be used to make a fashion statement, you should also consider your personality, when choosing a new pair of reading glasses. More conservative shapes like ovals and rectangles, will give you a more business-oriented look. If you’re going for this professional look, you should also stick to more traditional colors, like brown, gold tones, silver, burgundy or black. For young women with more casual style, choose thick plastic frames in geometric shapes and less traditional colors, like blue or green.

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When choosing the color of the frames of your reading glasses, consider your skin tone. Everyone’s skin tone can be classified as either cool or warm. Also, consider the color of your eyes. You can choose frames that will make your eye color pop. Another thing to look at is the color of your hair. All these tones should determine your selection of reading glasses. Choose frame colors that complement your natural colors.


Before buying a new pair of reading glasses, always check yourself in the mirror. Go for a style that says something about you. If your eyesight is extremely bad, it is a good idea to have a friend with you to help you choose reading glasses that look good on you.



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