Trendy tights for fall – winter 2013 / 2014

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Tights always have an important place among the trendy accessories in the chilly, winter season. For this winter season, designers offer tights with bright colors and original models. These models can satisfy all women, even the ones with very particular tastes, when in comes to outfits.

The trendiest tights for fall – winter 2013 / 2014 are thick, colored tights, including various metallic shades. You can wear these with dresses of the same color to create a harmonious outfit, or with different color dress for an interesting, colorful accent.

colorful tights

This season’s trendy tights models are fishnet, delicate tights and models with a print. The most popular prints are animal, floral and geometric patterns. Tights with original decorative elements, like crystals, lurex, rivets and stones are also quite trendy.

trendy tights

For this winter, the retro style is also very fashionable. You can see it in dresses, accessories and tights. You can choose single-color models, or tights with print, embroidery or various other decorative elements. Stockings with belt are also a fashionable and quite provocative element of this popular retro style.


In many cases, boot-stockings are the prefered alternative to stockings and tights. They are made from various materials, including latex and wool. Knee-length stockings are also a fashionable alternative to tights. You can wear these with most models of shoes or boots. Knee-length stockings, like tights, are also available with trendy prints, knitted from mohair or fishnet stockings.


An important part of the trendy tights for fall – winter 2013 / 2014 are the leggings. They look great with dresses or long sweaters and can definitely replace pants. Fitting models and elegant designs, that are not tight at the bottom are the trendiest leggings for this season. You can get uni-color leggings or models with floral, ethnic and animal prints.

Trendy tights should be important items in your wardrobe for this season. There are many designs to choose from, according to your personal taste. You can wear them with your favorite winter dresses and accessories to create a perfect look for the winter.



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