Trendy women’s jackets for spring 2014

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The collections of trendy women’s jackets for spring 2014 impress with variety of models. For this popular wardrobe item, designers have many interesting and colorful ideas. In the new collections of women’s jackets for the upcoming spring you can find classic, unusual and even extravagant design solutions.

Bomber and biker women’s jackets with concise style of straight cut or an asymmetric zipper are still trendy. You can also see original styles with the use of geometric shapes. Basically, trendy women’s jackets for spring 2014 are designed with an emphasis on the hips and the shoulder line, and you can rarely see form-fitting models.

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Semi-circular shoulders and loose cuts are still relevant in women’s jackets. These models can be worn with feminine outfits to create an interesting contrast. The boyfriend jacket looks great with a suit to achieve a tomboy style. Trendy women’s jackets are also shortened at the length of hem and sleeves. ¾ sleeves are quite popular.

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Popular materials for women’s jackets include smooth, patent and reptile skins and fabrics with a glitter, quilted materials, canvas, translucent plastic, mesh and organza, knitted fabrics and denim. You can also see combinations of different materials with contrasting different textures. Popular colors for women’s jackets include the traditional black and white, beige and gray, pastel shades of pink, blue, lavender and emerald colors, deep blue, burgundy and bright red. Contrasting combinations of two or three of these colors are also quite relevant. A perfect choice for the new season is a fashionable jacket with a bright print. The most popular ones are ethnic ornaments, geometric abstraction, patters resembling a snake skin, floral and geometric prints.

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Trendy women’s jackets for the spring of 2014 are definitely attention grabbing and gorgeous. Choose something that fits your personal style and suits your needs, and you’re ready to welcome the new season in a trendy outfit.



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