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Shopping for cute and adorable baby clothes is one of the most exciting things about preparing to welcome the newest family member. Naturally, you want your baby to look beautiful and unique, to stand out among others and to impress all other parents. However, there are a few things you need to know before you go out shopping for baby clothes.

When you look at all the adorable newborn outfits on the racks, in bright and fun colors and cute stamps, you feel tempted to buy tons of clothing for your baby. However, it is not a good idea to buy too many clothes in newborn sizes, because babies grow incredibly fast in the first few weeks of their lives. Your child will probably fit into this tiny size for a very short time. There even are babies, who don’t fit into newborn sizes at all. If you receive a lot of newborn baby clothes as gifts, you can try to exchange some of them for bigger sizes if possible. Just keep the tags on the clothes until you find out whether the baby will be able to wear them at all.

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There are lots of unique baby clothes out there, but what’s more important than looks is comfort. By that we mean that the outfits should go on and off easily. Dressing a wiggling newborn can sometimes be a struggle. That’s why it’s better to look for clothing with a full snap opening at the bottom or a long zipper in front. If you buy clothes designed to be pulled over the baby’s head, make sure the neck opening is soft and stretchy.

Choose baby clothes, which are machine-washable. It can require way too much effort, especially for new parents, to hand-wash and iron clothes. Check the labels of any clothes you consider buying for your newborn. You’d be surprised to find out how many outfits are hand-wash-only and dry-clean-only. For very special occasions, like Christmas, for example, you can buy some unique baby clothes, which require dry cleaning or hand washing.


Of course the look and unique style is important to you, buy the comfort of your baby is key. Avoid snaps, zippers and elastics, which are in the wrong place or too tight against the baby’s skin. Choose clothing pieces, which have a layer of fabric between the zipper and the child’s skin. Also make sure that elastic is covered and the snaps don’t have any rough edges that may be tight against the skin.

Keep in mind that babies need an additional layer of clothing over what you would normally wear, unless it’s very hot. That’s why it is a good idea to choose baby clothes, which can be layered, so that you can easily add or remove clothes to keep your baby comfortable. Another thing to remember is that babies don’t feel comfortable in bulky clothes. Consider buying a fleece jacket or snowsuit for the winter, instead of thicker and heavier options.

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When you find some unique baby clothes you really like, make sure there are no loose buttons, zipper pulls that could detach, decorations that can be chewed or too long ties. Safety comes first. Follow these easy tips, when shopping for baby clothes and check out our picture gallery for more ideas.



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