Valentine’s Day Nail Art

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Christmas is already behind us and the New Year is almost here. So far, we’ve shown your various nail art ideas for the Christmas dinner and the New Year’s Eve party. Now, it’s time to move on. In this post we will give some Valentine’s Day nail art ideas.

nail art

If you want to create your own nail art for Valentine’s Day, you have lots of easy-to-do options. The main colors used for Valentine’s Day nail art are red, white and pink. You may also choose to add some glitter with silver or gold nail polish. And if you want to, you can add to that some black or other dark-colored nail polish to create a contrast. Basically, these are the most common colors for Valentine’s Day, but there are no strict rules, so you are free to choose whatever colors you like and think would be suitable. You probably have some red, silver and gold nail polishes left from the Christmas party, so you can use them. If not, you can make a small investment and get a few bottles of whatever nail polish you like.

nail art design

nail art designs

The basic patterns you will see in Valentine’s Day nail art are hearts. So, if you can’t draw the perfect heart shape, maybe it’s time to start practicing on a piece of paper. Hearts are really easy to draw, so with a few tries you should be able to create the perfect heart shape. Don’t worry if your hearts are a little irregular – in fact, this creates a really attractive effect. Plus, you can see tons of irregular hearts on nail art. So, just practice a little on a piece of paper until you’re able to create a shape you’re happy with. Look at some pictures online for inspiration.

nail art ideas

pink hearts nail art

For your Valentine’s Day nail art you may also use various decorative elements available in stores, like nail stickers, stamps, metallic decorations, 3D ornaments, glitter, crystals, etc. Some of them require some experience, but the good news is that you have enough time to practice with various nail art decorations. Also, there are a lot of tutorials available online and some of them are made by professionals with tons of experience. From all the various decorative elements for nail art, the stickers are probably the easiest to use, so you can start with that.

red-and-gold nail art

red-and-white nail art

If you’re not sure yet what pattern to choose for your Valentine’s Day nail art, you should consider your dinner plans for the evening. For more formal dinners, it’s best to choose something simple and elegant. If you are expecting a romantic evening at home, then choose some cute nail art design that will help set the right mood for you. If you are going on a more casual date, you can choose any nail art design you like. Just look at some pictures online for inspiration.

red nail art

Valentine's Day nail art

If you’re not confident about your skills and don’t have time to practice, you can always visit a nail salon and get professional nail art. In this case you wouldn’t have to worry whether you’ll mess up. You don’t even need to choose the design in advance. Find a professional you trust and rest assured that your Valentine’s Day nail art will be perfect. Don’t forget to book an appointment in advance.

Valentine's Day nail art ideas

Don’t forget that your nails look their best when they are well taken care of. Take good care of your nails, and they will always be your best accessory, no matter what their length or decoration.



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