Victorian Costume for Women in Victorian Era

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If you ever watched movies that set in period of time between 1830 till the end of 20th century in England, you will see the women in Victorian Costume. Victorian costume for women looks like elaborated and restrictive. While for men who were lived in England at that time, they wore Edwardian costume. Edwardian costume actually has a similar pattern and based model like suit at this time. But Edwardian costume looks more complex and full of laces ornaments. The point is: costume in Victorian era have many laces, ornaments, and have many layers, either with Victorian costume for women.

Victorian Clothing for Women Patterns

Victorian costume for women has more more complicated pieces than another women costume in this day. Maybe, even we wear a Victorian dress right now, the way to worn it not the same difficult and complicated as it was. At that time, women have to worn corset first, stocking, and several layer clothing before worn the main Victorian dress. The shape of Victorian women costume is swell at the bottom, and restrictive at above.  You can imagine how restricted the women in Victorian era. That is why if we watched in movie, we can see that the waist of Victorian women are really slim. It caused, their have to worn corset and very restrictive dress.

Victorian Era Fashion Women

Victorian Inspired Clothing for Women

Nowadays, Victorian costume for women is still worn by women in several special occasions. But maybe, the model is not exactly the same with Victorian dresses it was. Of course, I think this day, Victorian dresses be adapted with this era. Because it is sure that the needed of clothe of Victorian era’s women with modern era women is different. So that, women in this era can still wear Victorian era dresses adapted with their needed and wish. But for other several women, the exactly the same Victorian Era dresses is still the perfect. How about you?