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Have you ever seen Sherlock Holmes movies, women in Black, A Christmas Carol, Anna and the King, or Alice in Wonderland? If you ever seen, you must be know that those kinds of movies are sets in Victorian era. In those movies, all actresses were wear Victorian style dresses and the actor wear Edwardian style clothes. They were pretend to be some people who live in Victorian age. Victorian age is the age that occurred in 19th Century (1830s-1890s). Victorian age also said as the era of elegance. Because the styles of the dresses and clothes are very unique and elegance.

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Victorian style dress in Victorian era was seems to be slim waistlines. Victoria Era Dresses were restrictived worn by women bodies. The women in Victorian age were forced to worn corset to make their waist slim and their breasts are raised. Maybe if we were at that time, we can be breathless because the very tight of the dress. I even can imagine how heavy either the dress it was. But for women who were in that era, the Victorian style dresses is the way to look beautiful and elegance. They just felt fine and confident to wear that kind of dresses.

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I remember that I watched Hysteria movie, one of kind of movie that sets in Victorian age. This movie are tells about Dr. Mortimer Granville who found a vibrator. But I do not want to discuss the point of the movie, but the Victorian style dress that worn by women in the movie. I just wonder that actually women in that era can do some activities with Victorian era dresses. They are even can riding a bicycle. How surprising, isn’t it? It shows that actually, the Victorian style dress are not as complicated as we think. Maybe you can try and proof it by yourself.



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