Winter wedding accessories

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Most weddings are usually scheduled during all other seasons apart from winter. Summer weddings get all the glory, where the strapless dress can keep you beautiful and warm enough. During the winter, you’ll have to play around with some accessories. Keeping warm is vital and necessary for a winter wedding, but the season also allows for adorable additions to your wedding day attire. Does not matter if you’re getting married outside, or you just want to get some photos out in the open snow, winter wedding accessories help show the season.

An interesting accessory addition to the bridesmaids for a winter wedding is to have all of them wear matching coats. Another wedding difference for the winter could be to carry fur or muffs in lieu of bouquets.

winter bride's wedding boots


winter wedding boots

Boots are another fun accessory to wear if your wedding is scheduled to be outside during the winter. Female winter boots will keep you warm and are much better than heels for walking through snow. If you want slightly more formal boots you can opt for a white pair that is the closest outdoor alternative to heels.  If you’re brave enough to have a winter wedding while wearing a shorter dress tights are going to be a must!

winter wedding accessories

Men’s attire can also be adjusted to the season as well. The groom or best man should wear thick suits of wool and wool coats which can still look formal but keep them warm at the same time. The groom can also wear a fur or wool hat, if it will look good with the wedding suit or coat.

winter wedding hat

Do you still think that a winter wedding would be that bad? It will be fun dressing up for a winter wedding using all the above mentioned accessories. You will look elegant, and at the same time be warm and cozy. What else do you need?!



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