Wedding rings trends 2013

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Wedding rings made of white gold are extremely trendy right now! White gold started to slowly replace the yellow gold. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that many of the new collections of world-famous fashion brands are in white color. It is good to know that white and yellow gold have the same value when they are of the same carat. For example, there is the same quantity of gold in white gold and yellow gold with assay 585 (14 carats) – 58.5%. The only difference is in the alloys.

Gems make wedding rings look much more interesting. Also, gem incrusting gives you the opportunity to customize your ring. There are countless possibilities and it all depends on your taste. You can choose either synthetic gems or natural gems – diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc. Of course, gems are more popular with ladies’ rings rather than gentlemen’s. That’s why many wedding ring sets feature gems on the ladies’ ring and no gems on the gentlemen’s ring. You can check the following model as an example:

42rb-sz-6-princess-cut-eternity-ring-wedding-band-4-mm-db892Wedding rings – how to choose your size

The best way to choose your size is to go to a jeweler. Sizes are standard for all jewelers. You can also check your size according to other rings you might have. Other popular methods for checking your size are:

Use a string to go around your finger and after that measure the length of the string in millimeters. That way you will know the circumference of your finger which will be enough. Take into consideration that the circumference of the inner part of the finger is often different than the circumference of the knuckle from where the ring has to pass.

Measure the inner diameter of another ring that you use. Measure it in millimeters and make sure the ring is not twisted because the results will not be valid.