What should your dress be according to your figure?

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You can easily look irresistible and beautiful in your new dress even if you know that your figure isn’t perfect. The secret is to simply choose your dress according to your own proportions, body shape and weight. Larger hips, protruding belly or wide shoulders will no longer stop you from looking perfect only if you properly choose the dress in which you put them.

bodyshapesLet’s say you have the physique of a swimmer. You should then try to visually reduce the width of your shoulders and increase the size of the waist and the hips. The key is to emphasize your hips! Dresses with straps located close to your neck would be suitable for you – this would make your shoulders look narrow. You would also look good in a dress with trapezoidal shape, which may also have a strap on one of the shoulders. The best option for you would be a dress with a very low waist.

pear-shaped-celebritiesLet’s now say that you have excellent proportions. All models suit you, but it would be best to choose from slim-fit dresses or those with belts. The most attention should be paid to the waist! Another great option would be a slim-fit knitted dress that emphasizes every seductive curve of your body. Don’t avoid dresses with deep V-shaped necklines that emphasize your breasts.