What to consider when buying Men’s wedding shoes

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Men have a reputation of not caring about the types of shoes they wear, as long as they feel comfortable. On your wedding day however, a lot of attention goes into the details of the big day. The shoes of the groom are an important detail when it comes to weddings. Whether you are looking for some formal or casual shoes, men’s oxford shoes come in a variety of styles to fit any wedding.


The choice of the groom’s shoes should depend on how formal or informal the event is. For a formal wedding, a black classic pair of shoes is the best choice to wear with a tuxedo. To keep your look balanced, choose dress shoes that are darker than your suit or as dark as your suit if you are wearing black. For a less formal wedding, you can try another color apart from black. Most grooms go for brown, grey or tan oxford shoes. Some grooms even go for a clean pair of sneakers for the most casual weddings. For a wedding on the beach, you can even go for a pair of sandals.


Keep in mind that, you’ll most likely be wearing your shoes for several hours on the big day, especially when you’re the groom. To be able to go through that, make sure your shoes are as comfortable as possible. They should fit comfortably from the toes to the heel. Your toes should not touch the front of your shoes. Most shoes even have a low heel to relieve pressure while standing as well.


A lot of dancing is almost always involved in weddings, so you’ll definitely want to pay particular attention to the shoes you buy. Look for shoe soles that can handle a lot of standing and dancing without being too sticky. Rubber soles will make it hard to move, while plastic soles will slip on the dance floor. Consider shoes with smooth leather soles or soft rubber soles without treading.



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