Which gem is the right for you?

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In order to impress someone or if we just want to know what the most expensive and highest quality gems are, we are going to describe the main gems that you can find in the jewelry shops.

Round diamond – this is the main form that is widely spread. It has 58 sides and has maximum brilliance. This is real classic so if you are offered one, do not hesitate!

round-diamond fasionbelief

Emerald – this is a rectangular form with cut edges. Take in mind that the alloys and small imperfections in colors and polishing could be more obvious than in other gems. That’s why if you chose an emerald, get one that is of high quality.

Pear-like gem – this form looks much more as a tear that shines. It is a hybrid between oval and marquise. Maybe you’ve seen it in movies – it is used a pendant in ear-rings and necklaces. Another advantage is that it looks optically bigger than another forms with the same weight.

fashion belief diamond

Heart-form – as you’re probably thinking, there is nothing new under the sun. Most of the gem forms are a modification of the main ones. Heart-form is a pear-looking gem with a crack on top. It is great for ear-rings and necklaces. Perfect for romantic people.

heart-diamond-fashionbelief.picPrincess-form – this form is called like this due to the brilliance and the many sparkling sides. The form is rectangular or square. It is very popular among engagement rings.