Winter fashion accessories – the perfect scarf

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We shall continue our series of fashion accessory articles, by commenting on one of the biggest fashion hits this winter – the scarf. As the cold winter approaches is a good idea to take out the last season hats, scarf and gloves and see what can be used and what should never be worn in public again. But let us put the accent on the scarf as the most important winter accessory.

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There are a few tips which should help you in your hunt for the best matching scarf. The first and most important rule is to avoid buying scarves only because they look good in the shop window. It is far more important to buy a scarf that will match the clothes in your wardrobe. Combining clothing pieces and accessories is essential for every stylish look. If you would like to get a scarf for a suit of yours, the best thing you can do is go shopping wearing that suit. This way you cannot simply choose the wrong scarf, as you will be able to judge straightaway whether the suit and the scarf match or not.



Another common mistake is buying a scarf only because a colleague or a friend of yours has the same one and it looks simply fabulous on their shoulders. There is no guarantee whatsoever that it will have the same effect on your clothes, especially if you prefer different clothes. It is vital to keep in mind that quality does matter. Products by unknown manufacturers tend to wear out quickly and will surely lose their gloss after a few days, so spare no money. It is better to buy a more expensive item, which will last much longer!

In conclusion, you should also consider carefully the size of the scarf that you would like to buy. This will depend on whether you would like to use this accessory as a leading focusing point in your outfit or not. If you wish to put the emphasis on your suit or coat for example, then go for a smaller scarf of the same color.



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